Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Can anyone explain how the simplest applications could become so addicting?

I can't. But I'll try.

Somehow, with life's real complications, we turn to games that act out our fantasies or emulate our realities and cut them into smaller chunk versions which are easier to handle (with a click of the mouse!)

The games started out as comical copies of life, until the developers just got better at it that the games mirrored reality all too well. Then, it's the games itself that cause your life to be complicated.

Somehow, the simpler games turn out to become a vacation from all these; relaxing, if not hypnotizing.

So here goes another list (as seen on the right). An invitation list of whomever is interested in joining my crew, posse, clan, or whatever.

I'm addicted. Again.

Until the next really innovative MMOG comes out.